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MedCare Health Group Solution

MedCare Health Group Solution


  • Unlimited Financial Coverage
  • Full network all over the Lebanese territories, France and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

MedCare is a group-focused solution tailored to deliver the highest quality of affordable and flexible healthcare coverage through a wide network of providers all over Lebanon and Syria as well as a host of value added features. 

MedCare is a tailor-made product which responds to clients needs and provides the feature of Guaranteed Renewability by purchasing the perpetual conversion option..

  1. Unlimited Financial coverage.
  2. Medical expenses resulting from emergency case and accidents including work related accidents.
  3. All endoscopic and surgical procedures.
  4. Prosthesis related to post traumatic accidents.
  5. Physiotherapy treatment related to a covered hospitalization.
  6. Maternity benefits including delivery, medically mandated abortion, miscarriage and epidural.
  7. Morgue and burial costs if the insured dies at the hospital.
  8. Radiotherapy treatment including linear accelerator and chemotherapy.
  9. Home care benefit.
  1. Super GlobeMed baby.
  2. Traveler assistance through Inter-Partner, the worldwide service company.
  3. Second Medical Opinion.
  4. Info-Santé services.
  5. GlobeMed-Info Services, 24 hour customer support center.