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Atout Mahallat

Atout Mahallat


  • Umbrella policy
  • Full coverage
  • Reasonable price
  • Flexibility of Sum Insured
  • Ability to choose what fits your needs (fire policy compulsory)
  • One due date

Your shop is part of your assets and possessions. To protect it from unforeseen events, SMBI has developed a tailor-made insurance policy providing valuable protection through a package of various covers for your shop at a reasonable price with the flexibility of the sum insured.

Fire & Allied Perils

Material damage caused by fire, thunderbolt &/or lightning, explosion, aircraft damage and impact damage to:

  1. The building.
  2. The content.
  1. Your legal liability arising from material damage caused by fire towards:
  • The Landlord (in case the premises are leased).
  • Your neighbors.
  1. Loss of profit.
  2. Removal of debris.
  3. Deletion of electrical clause.
  4. Natural perils.
  5. Water damage.
  6. Accidental plate glass breakage.
  1. Burglary.
  2. Cash in Transit.
  3. Fidelity Insurance.
  4. Workmen Compensation.
  5. General Third Party Liability.
  6. Personal Accident.